What Vegetables Can Replace Pasta?

Now don’t get me wrong Pasta is great, But there are many things that you can replace pasta with. Pasta, as we know is high in carbs. It also contains Gluten and gluten does not settle well, but don’t worry because you can replace pasta with these vegetable is have listed.

There are many vegetables that can be replaced but the most popular vegetables are:

  • Zucchini
  • Carrots
  • Turnips
  • Beats
  • Cucumbers

Vegetable noodles are a great source of Fiber, Vitamins and minerals. To make vegetable pasta you will need a spiralizer and I have already done the research for you to find the best and most affordable one!

I do not suggest peeling the skin off your vegetable, since the skin of your vegetable is where most of your nutrients will be stored.

The Brieftons 5-blade Spiralizer

This is a great tool to add textures and colors to your dishes and can help you stay healthy by eating more raw vegetables and fruits.

the brieftons 5-blade spiralizer comes with a moving platform, a standing blade rack a vegetable holder and turning handle, a spiralizer body and 5 blades. The brieftons 5-blade spiralizer is your answer it enables you to turn Fresh Veggies into curly noodles.